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Matrix Resolutions

June 2024

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Matrix Resolutions

Join us this June for a unique exploration into resolving contractions and contradictions in your body-mind-energy system and in 'the field'.

Throughout our lives, we create maps of meaning to understand the world. If we are growing and evolving organically, we meet the demands of each developmental stage by enhancing the complexity of our mental structures. This growth allows us to navigate life's challenges with increasing elegance and grace.

At a certain point in our development, we might realize that reality can be perceived as a unified, holographic, multi-dimensional interconnected whole, encompassing all beings and all of existence. However, what almost always seems to be the case is that everyone who reaches this insight and understanding still has lingering aspects of themselves that have not fully embraced this perspective.

The most challenging and stuck places often originate from childhood, when we could only make broad, sweeping generalizations and assumptions to map reality and navigate the physical and psychological world as best we could.

7 Benefits of Matrix Resolutions

1. Enhanced Mental Fluidity: Promotes adaptable and flexible thinking, making it easier to navigate complex situations.

2. Resolving Childhood Blocks: Addresses early psychological assumptions, freeing you from past limitations.

3. Increased Developmental Access: Eases integration of advanced growth stages, enhancing your personal development.

4. Improved Flow and Ease: Enhances the flow of energy and ideas, resulting in smoother, more effortless experiences.

5. Holistic Integration: Fosters a deeper sense of interconnectedness with all beings and existence.

6. Advanced Change Work: Engages with innovative methodologies, pushing the boundaries of change work.

7. Elegance and Grace in Navigating Life: Facilitates confident and effective decision-making, handling life's challenges with ease.

This month, we will employ various new field-based energy processes to directly update the structural energetics formed during a time when our map-making lacked finesse and nuance. We'll aim to resolve polarities, get challenging areas unstuck, and smooth out field disturbances, allowing for greater flow and ease. This is not a psychological approach as such, however the intended outcome is increased mental fluidity and expanded access to the latest stages of your development, more consistently, and more of the time.

I am excited for those of you that want to explore this leading edge of creative evolution, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in change-work and potentially contributing to the evolution of change-work in the future.

Join us for Matrix Resolutions and start your transformative journey towards the most complete and satisfying expression of your Self.


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Matrix Resolutions 

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    Matrix Resolutions Month

    Dates & Times

    Masterclass (3hrs)

    Tuesday 4th Jun 2024

    4 x Deep Dives (2hrs)

    Thursdays 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Jun 2024

    All sessions start at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm UK / 8pm CET

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    reclaim your AUTHENTIC energy

    & UNFOLD your INNATE potential

    Begin experiencing comprehensive, individuated productive ceativity in all aspects of your human experience while living the fullest, most authentic expression of your life.

    Anand Rao

    Developmental Coach & Trainer

    With nearly three decades studying personal and spiritual development, Anand has deeply explored and refined some of the most effective ways to facilitate elegant and lasting change.

    He served as a principal faculty member of a year long coaching training school for 3 years, where he lead the Inner Entrepreneur program, helping around 30 coaches develop their inner-world and outer-world results, so they can perform at their best in bringing their gifts to the world.


    Anand's approach to helping you experience a more rich and fulfilling life is is not a one size fits all system. Depending on your goals, challenges, and current stage of development, Anand shows you a combination of tools, techniques and methodologies to create personalised growth and development in each of the areas below.

       OTHER WAYS TO Work with Anand


    High level coaching

    Ready to make get to the next level? Limited 3-4 month coaching engagements are available for those ready to make an investment into reaching specific goals for success.

    Group Coaching

    Magical Mystery mastermind

    Small group coaching where we work through multi-faceted techniques, mindsets, and frameworks to release learned negative patterns, create personal and business foundations for meeting all of life’s challenges. 

    Team Sessions

    Professional training

    Engage Anand in custom-built trainings to help your business or team achieve your goals and reach their highest potential by applying unique human development methodologies and frameworks to the business environment.


    Read about the results of Anand's personal and professional coaching

    Anand’s coaching is a profoundly transformational experience of being nurtured through a one-of-a-kind combination of energetic sensibility, intuitive insightfulness and intellectual creativity. With his deep understanding of NLP added to the mix, and an effortless way of holding the space safely, this results in a flowing magic of genuine clarity and perspective shifting which cannot be easily delineated, but it is palpable and its results are quick and undeniable.

    Dr. Zdeslav Hrepic

    Ph.D. Associate Professor of Physics University Columbus

    Anand is highly trained, deeply intuitive and has expertly and gently guided me towards a deeper understanding of myself. The insights I come out with are always meaningful and impactful to my family system, my business and most importantly myself. When I feel stuck, he’s the first person that comes to mind because I always walk away feeling amazing and with very specific ‘how to’s’ so I can get myself to the next level. If you get the chance to work with him, do it. You’ll never regret your decision

    Sacha Lalla

    Women’s Empowerment Coach, www.sachalalla.com

    My role requires a great deal of conflict resolution – an area of personal development that warranted improvement. Anand provided the tools I needed to understand how others may perceive my behaviour and pushed me to review my interactions with my peers, leaders and direct staff; making substantive changes in how I engage – providing the clear feedback and guidance my staff wanted from me. I would highly recommend Anand as an Executive Coach – I have extensively changed my leadership approach. These indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.

    Laura Kerr

    Senior Project Manager, Woolworths Ltd, Australia

    Anand Rao, Development & Success Coach

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