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Enhance Your Practice:

A Special Opportunity for STAGES Practitioners

Your business provides a perfect opportunity for you to progress your personal and professional growth and development.

Get the practical tools and knowledge necessary to clear the path to your online business success, while evolving your self, and extending your gifts further and wider into the world.  

The Practice of Business

Running a successful online business requires many mental and emotional capacities to be in place.

If we don't have these developmental capacities we can quickly find ourselves 'in over our heads'.

In the last 3 years, I've been lucky enough to observe hundreds of coaches, consultants and other practitioners, as they started and scaled their online businesses. It's interesting to note that many of them had the skills to help other people through the exact same kinds of challenges that they themselves struggled to resolve.

While there certainly are frames to understand and skills to master in running a successful business, the single biggest shift seems to occur when certain key developmental challenges get resolved, allowing people to move from being passive in relationship to their experience, to getting into action and greater engagement with the world.

From there, everything becomes a lot easier, and a lot more fun!

An integrated Inner- and Outer-game approach to work and life.

Once you start working with this new attitude and framing, there is the gradual realisation that there are no 'obstacles', as such, in life...

To be awakened by the ten thousand things.

Introducing the STAGES Inner Entrepreneur Course

This Inner Entrepreneur Intro course content came about by asking the question: What if we take the exact challenges that arise from running an online business, and develop protocols to frame and address the (reasonably predictable) developmental issues that come up, related to all the skills needed, and actions that are required?

The key insight of this course is that the challenges that come up are not necessarily at our centre of gravity; they are not often at our leading edge, and they are only sometimes at our trailing edge.

The reality is that in terms of elegant movement towards integration and wholeness, protracted issues that come up are almost always situated in the developmental trajectory much earlier than that.

A Systematic and Stepwise Approach...

1. Understand the scope of skills and capacities needed to run and grow an online business. An overview of the foundational elements and how they fit together.

2. Put in place the framework needed to elegantly address developmental challenges and issues as they come up in relation to specific business growth challenges.

3. Get the mindsets and tools in place, so the the very activity of building a business becomes a seamlessly integrated aspect of your personal development practice.

4. Understand that resource capacities 'come from' their own levels of development and we can draw on stage appropriate skills, from our centre of gravity, and also from our expanding leading edge.

So, what about fear?

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."  F.D. Roosevelt

Fears are endless! 

Fear of failure

Fear of rejection

Fear of inadequacy

Fear of the unknown

Fear of competition

Fear of financial insecurity

Fear of commitment

Fear of success

Fear of not being authentic

Fear of judgement

Fear of imposter syndrome

Fear of disappointing others

Fear of decision making

Fear of burnout

Feeling like a fraud

Fear of ...

Insights from the edge (4.5 to 5.0)

As we move out of exclusive identification with the Subtle Tier and into the Metaware Tier, we have an increasing capacity to realise that our fears are constructions of mind, and in that seeing through, a certain kind of 'dis-identification from form' begins to occur more and more spontaneously - a burning off of charge and a release from the grip of these mentally constructed narratives.

We'll look at techniques and methods that make use of this process and can facilitate the progression, helping us awaken to 'the master that makes the grass green'.

Insights from the 'other end' (1.0 to 1.5)

Well, that's all very well, when we can retain awakened awareness as fears arise, however, what do we do when the near endless fears that human beings experience come up 'thick and fast'?

At the other end of the scale, in the Concrete Tier and in the physical body, despite the myriad narratives around fear, it turns out there are only five principle mammalian neurological responses to fear. 

We'll learn techniques to recognise (subject becomes object) and handle these five principle neuro-physiological responses, and their secondary activations.

Doing this work can have a profound impact on one's way of being in a relatively short period of time.


Course Overview

This introductory 5-week course offers Stages International Practitioners a foundation for growing their online businesses while nurturing their personal development. Covering online business foundations, resilient mindsets, strategic planning, and problem-solving, you'll learn to manage challenges and enable a smooth stage transition into a more integrated agentic self.

Practical weekly tasks and valuable insights provide you with a solid starting point for enhancing both their business efficiency and personal growth journey.


Module 1

In week1, we'll cover the fundamentals of online coaching businesses, understanding their structure and operations, while learning how to use business growth as a powerful tool for personal development in alignment with the STAGES stages.

Discover the connection between personal challenges and the STAGES levels of development, and start your journey with practical tasks for the first week.


Module 2

In week 2, you'll learn how to cultivate resilient mindsets for navigating uncertainty, master dis-identification and down-regulation techniques for emotional balance, and embrace a beginner's mind to facilitate lifelong learning.

Understand the importance of these skills in achieving elegant stage transitions in your personal and professional growth, and engage in hands-on tasks for the second week.


Module 3

In week 3, we'll cover the difference between working in the business vs. working on the business, and boost your efficiency by adopting effective planning, organization, and project management strategies.

Discover an effective action-taking method that really works, and experiment with minimum viable processes and prototyping to refine your business offerings. Complete practical tasks for the third week to solidify your skills.


Module 4

In week 4, we'll look at the common challenges many people face in growing their business and personal development journey by addressing foundational problems and adapting stage-appropriate approaches.

Explore strategies for progressing towards achieving more effortless flow in both your business operations and personal growth, and apply your newfound knowledge through engaging tasks for the fourth week.


Module 5

In week 5, we'll delve into the concepts of identity and purpose as you evolve a stronger, healthier more integrated Pluralist (Individualist) / Strategist.

Access the deeper meaning of your personal and professional journey by accessing transpersonal states and learn how to increase productivity by resolving polarities.

Reflect on your experiences, achievements, and aspirations with closing thoughts and final tasks for the fifth week.

Major Elements of an Online Business

We'll also cover the major elements in the workflow for an online coaching business

  • Define your niche

  • Identify your target audience

  • Develop your offerings

  • Obtain relevant certifications and training

  • Create a professional website

  • Develop a marketing strategy

  • Set up a pricing and offer structure

  • Establish a client intake process

  • Choose tools and platforms

  • Develop a client management system

  • Set up a billing and invoicing system

  • Network and build relationships

  • Track your progress and refine your approach

Who should take this course?

Requirements: This course is an advanced course offered only to Stages Practitioners (including Scorers & Debriefers, Coaches and Special Inventory Guardians) who want to grow their online businesses, and also learn how to use that effectively as a means for personal growth and transformation.

The Value of a Stages Practitioners Cohort 

This course curriculum presupposes that all the participants have a thorough understanding of STAGES model, as this is primarily an applied course, adding tools, mindsets and techniques, and will build on the foundational understandings and insights from the STAGES model.

The peer aspect of this course is a key component, not only in terms of community and peer support, but also allowing us to leverage the 'intrinsic wisdom in the room' while participants evolve the inner game aspect of their business challenges 'in the field in between'.

I believe the energetic / transmission element is an important component whenever people come together for a common purpose and is a significant factor in transformation and change.

Why take the STAGES Inner Entrepreneur Intro Course?

Just some of the benefits...

  • Get a richer understanding of how to run a successful online business.

  • Transform your business obstacles into fuel for your growth and development.

  • Resolve the issues that are currently present for you and are 'asking' to be resolved.

  • Become more integrated and whole by becoming 'healthy at the level you are at'.

  • Free up energy to facilitate the emergence of your leading edge of development.

  • Learn very elegant and effective techniques to rapidly resolve challenging issues.

  • Connect with your STAGES peers in a safe and creative learning environment.

What is the program schedule?

With weekly live sessions, small peer groups, in-depth exploration, and practical tools, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate the business side of your practice, while unlocking your full potential as a leader in your field.

You will also have access to a community forum for discussion where you can also ask the instructor questions.

The five week program includes:

  • 10 hours of live sessions over 5 weeks

  • Each session is 2 hours long at 2pm US Mountain Time (1pm PT / 4pm ET) 

  • All the live sessions with be recorded and available in the course portal 

  • A Course Manual will be provided for use alongside the live trainings 

  • Weekly group practice and trainer support

  • Peer working to enhance your learning


    June 6, 13, 20, 27

    July 11

    JOIN NOW - EARLY BIRD $500 (REG $700)

    A Personal Invitation...

    The time is now to elevate your practice and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit.

    Join your fellow STAGES practitioners in this transformative journey, and let us create a brighter, more integrated future together.

    What happens next?





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    Once your payment is received, you will receive a welcome email with your login information and instructions to access the course. 

    Once you've logged in, you'll get access to the Course Manual and all the live Zoom calls schedule information

    After that, you will be able to enroll in more advanced courses at STAGES International. 

    About Anand Rao, MA, MSc

    Anand Rao studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, specializing in theoretical physics and advanced mathematics. He also holds a Master's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Imperial College, London. He spent nearly 20 years in oil & gas corporate consulting before turning his professional focus toward personal and spiritual development, which he has been studying and exploring for over 25 years.

    Today, Anand is a professional coach, consultant and trainer who uses frameworks of developmental psychology and other modalities to help individuals gain self-awareness, clarify their path, unlock their potential, and evolve along their personal and professional developmental path.


  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You will have one year access to the course materials and the recordings, so you can review the material as often as you wish during that time.

  • Do you have another course I can take once I've completed this one?

    This is a 5 week introductory course to get you moving. There may be more in depth courses in future on this topic. 

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